The Brief


Create a short compelling brand culture promo video aimed primarily at differentiating the quality of design, materials, and craftsmanship on houses made by Tourmaline from other similar size houses in the same marketplace, as well as the culture and motivations behind them.


  • Showcase the quality and craftsmanship to increase potential buyer’s, and agent’s appreciation for homes made by Tourmaline
  • Capture the craftsmen, as they create these masterpiece homes and warm interactions,  conveying the company brand and core values that  express and reinforce a commitment to excellence.
  • Embed viewers in the “Culture of Tourmaline", to give them the authentic experience of meeting the team, and working with them in order to build affinity for the Tourmaline brand and “a want” to do business, or be associated with.



Real Estate Property Showcase Videos

After seeing alot of jarring high energy camera moves and over-use of aerial photography in the market, I decided to approach Architectural videos based on empathy for the potential buyers.

I asked myself, if I were a potential buyer, how would I want to experience the home? With that motivation I kept things simple, and subtle, focusing on the beauty of the home and not the technology of my camera equipment, or how many cool camera moves I can pull off.